1st of March, 2016

Released a project for" Logue " Language learning services for smartphone .

Coolong Inc. released a project for learning language support app " Logue " .


Logue is a language learning application that supports multi-language (English, Japanese, Thai).
You can watch videos that native speakers are talking actually and can learn phrases and pronunciations of foreign languages with ease by mimicking their verbal utterances.

One of the major features of Logue is that it has equipped with a high-precision speech recognition engine.By its functioyou, you can get feedbacks immediately on the spot about how native speakers recognize your conversation(pronunciation).

You will be able to not only learn other languages , but also to become a lecturer to teach your language.
Since Logue's app is equipped with functions of shooting and editing video by yourself, you can easily create lesson contents.
Users could come to learn and teach each other's language. It is one of the ideal model that Logue is aiming.
*We're planning to release the β version in 2015 autumn .




▼Logue's Website